Apple releases limited edition AirPods Pro to celebrate the Year of the Ox

It's selling the pair in select countries.


Apple has launched a pair of limited edition AirPods Pro for the Year of the Ox, and it’s cute enough that even those who don’t celebrate the Lunar New Year may be inclined to buy it. The pair’s charging case comes engraved with a special ox icon, which is also printed on the box the device comes in. Apple is only selling the Ox-edition earbuds in select regions in Asia, though, which include China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia.

The good news for those who can get it from their Apple Stores is that it seems to cost just as much as the regular version without the engraving. In China, for instance, the Ox-edition earbuds are listed for RMB 1,999 (US$310), or the same price as their regular counterpart. According to the Chinese Apple Store, there are only 25,400 Ox-edition pairs for sale — it’s not quite clear if that’s for China only or for all the regions where it’s available — with 11,480 pairs meant to be sold through retail stores and 13,920 to be sold online. Further, each customer can only buy two pairs, most likely to make it harder for resellers to hoard the devices.

Those who can’t get it locally can still get a pair that commemorates the Year of the Ox if they want. Customers can get an engraving from the Apple Store when they buy the AirPods Pro, and one of the emojis available is an ox. It’s not quite as fun-looking, but it’ll most likely be cheaper than having to import a limited edition version.