Apple fans: Tell us how you feel about the Magic Keyboard

Can this accessory make the iPad as good as a full laptop?

Chris Velazco/Engadget

Apple’s strategy with tablets has been moving in a clear direction: Make the slates just as indispensable as a traditional laptop setup. One of the things that helped move the devices in that direction was the new Magic Keyboard with an integrated trackpad. An upgrade over the original 2015 release, this year’s model features backlit scissor-switch keys that our reviewer Chris Velazco enjoyed typing on. The keyboard’s precise trackpad and USB-C port both helped the accessory earn a score of 84. However, Chris found drawbacks in the price, limited range of motion and weight.

If you opted for this Apple-branded accessory for your tablet, what score would you give it? Do you feel it’s worth the $350 price point? What kind of work are you using it for? And, of course, would you recommend the Magic Keyboard to others? Tell us all about it on the Apple Magic Keyboard product page, and let the Engadget readers know how useful the device really is. Remember, we include the very best user reviews in user review roundup articles so don’t hold back!

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