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Apple's revamped Messages focuses on groups

It’s adding mentions, inline replies and more.


As part of its WWDC 2020 event, Apple announced that it is revamping Messages with new group features in iOS 14.

Inline replies will let you reply to specific messages, and you’ll be able to view replies in the full conversation or as a specific thread. You’ll be able to type someone’s name to send a message directly to them, and you can set notifications so you’re only pinged if you’re mentioned.

At the top of conversations, you’ll be able to see all the members in your group. The most recently active members will be shown largest, and you can create a unique visual identity for your group by setting a group photo or an emoji.

With so many active conversations, Apple will let users pin the most important conversations at the top of your list. You’ll know who commented most recently in the group because their photo will appear around the pin.

Apple Messages iOS 14

Apple is also adding new ways to customize your Memoji with over 20 new hair and headwear styles. There are also new face coverings and age options, and Memoji stickers let you add hugs and other actions.