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The second-gen Apple Pencil drops back down to $89 for Black Friday

The iPad peripheral is $40 off at Amazon.


If you've already snapped up an iPad in a Black Friday sale, you might want to grab an Apple Pencil to go with it. The second-gen version of the peripheral has dropped back to an all-time low of $89 on Amazon. That's $40 or 31 percent off the regular price. The Pencil hit that price for the first time last month.

Buy Apple Pencil (2nd-gen) at Amazon - $89

We reckon it's the best iPad stylus you can get your hands on. That shouldn't be too surprising, given Apple designed it to work seamlessly with iPads. Although the second-gen Apple Pencil is over four years old, it still has a lot of utility — especially if you have the latest iPad Pro with an M2 chip.

That tablet supports a "hover" feature. It can detect when the Pencil is within 12mm of the screen. You'll be able to see a preview of any mark you plan to make on a sketch or design before you apply it. Apple says this feature will allow for greater precision. If you hold the peripheral over an app on your homescreen or dock, the screen will zoom in slightly, as though you're aiming a mouse pointer at the app.

The second-gen Apple Pencil pairs with your iPad automatically, so you won't need to futz around with Bluetooth to connect them. The peripheral can also magnetically attach to the side of certain models, which will charge the Pencil too.

It's definitely worth making sure your iPad is compatible with this device before you snap it up. It works with the sixth-gen iPad mini, iPad Air (5th and 4th-gen), 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd, 4th, and 5th generations) and 11-inch iPad Pro (3rd, 2nd, and 1st generations). The second-gen pencil is not compatible with the entry-level iPad, not even the redesigned model that Apple released last month.

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