Apple may launch a rugged Watch for extreme sports

It would debut no sooner than 2021 or 2022.


Being scratch and water resistant to 50 meters, Apple's latest Watch Series 6 is already popular with swimmers, hikers and other athletes. However, Apple is reportedly planning to make a more rugged version designed for extreme sports and weather, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

Known internally as the "Explorer Edition," the rugged Watch would reportedly be offered as an additional model, possibly like the Watch SE or special edition models co-branded with Nike and Hermes. It would have the same features as a regular Watch but could be extra resistant to impact like Casio's G-Shock lineup, with a rubberized case in place of the current steel, aluminum and titanium shells.

A rugged Watch seems like a feasible and even sensible addition to the lineup, given the immense popularity of Apple's smartwatches. According to a recent IDC report, Apple owns 36 percent of the wearable market and generated $30 billion in wearables and home accessories — its most successful segment next to the iPhone.

Apple is also working on a swim tracking Watch feature, according to the report. The new rugged model could come as early as September, when Apple normally rolls out its latest Watch models. However, it could also be delayed or canceled altogether, as frequently happens with rumored Apple products.