Apple's second-generation AirPods drop to $89 ahead of Black Friday

That's the best price we've seen on the wireless earbuds.

Even though Apple announced its third-generation AirPods last month, the second-gen earbuds are still around and some may prefer them if they like the fit of Apple's old-school EarPods. You can pick up the previous-generation AirPods for only $89 right now at Walmart, which is $70 off their normal price and $10 cheaper than they were last Black Friday. You'll have to sign in with your Walmart account before you can make a purchase, and we expect these to go quickly. Amazon is also matching the deal, but is currently noting that Apple's AirPods will be back in stock soon.

Buy AirPods (2nd gen) at Amazon - $89 Buy AirPods (2nd gen) at Walmart - $89

If you're (somehow) unfamiliar, AirPods are Apple's true wireless earbuds that have become some of the most popular buds in the space since the first came out. One of the biggest reasons why many prefer them is how easily they pair and switch with Apple devices. Setup is super quick as your iOS device will recognize the earbuds as soon as you open the case, and then audio playback will switch based on which device you're using. That means you can go from taking a call on your iPhone to listening to music from your MacBook without hassle.

The second-gen AirPods have a similar design and fit to Apple's EarPods, and they have decent sound quality, too. We liked their improved wireless range and good battery life as well — you'll get around five hours of use before needing to recharge. Despite not being the newest AirPods anymore, these buds are a much better buy at this $89 sale price. But if you're willing to spend a bit more, Apple's latest AirPods offer a lot of improvements including a better fitting design, improved audio quality and a longer battery life.

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