Apple outage caused iCloud, App Store, Music and TV+ problems

Error messages are popping up on iPhones and Macs due to an Apple server issue.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

If you’re getting error messages instead of media across your Apple devices and services then you’re not alone. The company’s status page notes an outage that’s affecting many of its connected services that bring music, video and pictures to you. Apple TV+, Apple Music, Photos and more are either running slowly or not at all for many people. Some are unaffected, but Apple confirmed the issue and said it’s investigating.

Apple status

According to the status message, this latest issue began just after 8PM ET. This outage comes just a day after Microsoft’s Outlook and Office365 services had authentication problems, and just a few days after similar problems hit Google’s G Suite for a couple of hours.

Update 11PM ET: Apple’s status page has updated indicating the services are back online. There’s no cause listed, but you should be able to connect reliably again.

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