Apple stops selling LG's $1,299 UltraFine 5K Display

It was made redundant by the company's new Studio Display.


Days after discontinuing the 27-inch iMac, Apple has also stopped selling one of LG’s UltraFine displays. As spotted by MacRumors, if you visit the company’s website, it no longer lists the 27-inch 5K model that retailed for $1,299 before its removal. LG has seemingly stopped selling the monitor as well, with its website indicating that it’s “out of stock.”

Unsurprisingly, the 27-inch model’s removal from the Apple Store comes in the same week Apple announced its new Studio Display. Starting at $1,599, the monitor features a 5K retina panel with P3 wide color gamut coverage and 600 nits of brightness. It also comes with a built-in A13 Bionic chip to augment the capabilities of its 12-megapixel web camera and six-speaker sound system. Those are features that made the UltraFine 5K redundant. For the time being, it would appear Apple will continue to offer the 23.7-inch UltraFine 4K display through its website for $699.

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