Apple discontinues the 27-inch iMac

You'll need a Mac Studio if you want a high-end Apple desktop.


You're out of luck if you were hoping for a larger, brawnier counterpart to the M1 iMac. Apple has discontinued the 27-inch iMac, leaving last year's 24-inch M1 model as the only all-in-one in the lineup. If you want to buy a higher-end (but relatively compact) desktop, you'll have to spring for the new Mac Studio and a monitor to match. We've asked Apple for comment on the move.

This might not come as a shock. Apple last updated the 27-inch iMac in August 2020, and the basic design hadn't changed much since its most recent form factor debuted in 2012. Combine that with the Apple Silicon transition and the discontinuation of the iMac Pro and the company clearly lost interest in the iMac as a workstation, at least for now.

We wouldn't completely rule out a comeback. At present, though, this represents Apple's largest shift in desktop Mac strategy for a long time. The iMac has had to cater to a wide range of customers, from newcomers to creative pros, for well over a decade. Now, Apple appears happy to concentrate on a relatively mainstream audience and give pros more conventional and flexible options.

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