We shot this video about the new iMac on the iMac's upgraded webcam

It's one of the more interesting new features.

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Dana Wollman
August 7, 2020 2:35 PM
We shot this video about the new iMac on the iMac's upgraded webcam
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A few days ago Apple announced a new and improved 27-inch iMac. Not a new design and no ARM chips under the hood — just a series of CPU, GPU, camera and audio upgrades, with more generous storage and memory options. All told, it’s too minor of an update to warrant a full review, in our humble professional opinion, but we did want to give you a few impressions.

And what better way to tell that story than through the new webcam, which steps up to 1080p resolution (at last) and promises improved low-light performance. Indeed, that standup you see there is me in my apartment with the lights off; that’s just the webcam and light from a nearby window doing all the work.

In addition, I’ll tell you about the optional nano-glass screen and the “studio-quality” three mic-array, which I admittedly opted not to use in my own video production. Join me in my apartment for a quick run-down (no, folks, I do not own a desk — ugh, millennials!) and yes, I tidied up for you.

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