LG brings Apple TV and Apple Music apps to more third-party webOS TVs

AirPlay and HomeKit are also coming to TVs that previously had no Apple support.


Apple services have been available on LG's TVs for a while, but they've been no-shows on many of the third-party sets running the company's scaled-back webOS Hub. That won't be a problem for much longer. LG has made Apple's apps and services available on webOS Hub, including Apple TV, Apple Music, AirPlay and HomeKit. The rollout gives TVs from 200 brands a taste of the Apple ecosystem, including Aiwa, Hyundai and Konka.

The Apple TV and Apple Music apps are effectively the same as you'd find on LG's own sets. Apple TV lets you stream Apple's shows, some third-party services and titles you've purchased or rented. Apple Music, meanwhile, offers access to both the all-you-can listen subscription and your personal music library. AirPlay allows casting from iPads, iPhones and Macs, while HomeKit gives you control of your TV through Siri or Apple's Home app.

The features aren't universally available. You'll need an OLED or 4K TV using webOS Hub 2.0 (released late last year) if you expect to use AirPlay or HomeKit. You may have to settle for just the media apps with certain sets.

Even so, this is a big move for Apple. The launch puts its apps on webOS TVs in over 100 countries, and many of those devices are budget models. That brings Apple TV+, Apple Music and the company's smart home tech within reach of more people, particularly those who can't justify the prices of TVs from LG and other major brands.