Apple TV+ offers subscribers Showtime and CBS All Access for $10 monthly

Apple's first content bundle is a 52% discount.


Last week, Bloomberg reported that Apple would launch its first content bundle for its streaming platform. Now, Apple has confirmed the move with a new deal that combines CBS All Access (normally $9.99.month for the ad-free tier) with Showtime (normally $10.99/month) for just $9.99 a month in the Apple TV app.

The bundle will give users, and up to six family members, access to CBS and Showtime’s content without ads. You’ll still need an Apple TV+ subscription (currently $4.99/month, though Apple offers one-year free trials on new device purchases) in order to take advantage of the deal, but even so, the 52 percent discount still offers substantial savings.

Apple is hoping the bundle will lure more users to its TV+ service. Bloomberg previously reported that Apple is also eyeing more aggressive discounts on its own subscription services with Apple-branded bundles that will combine its premium music, TV, news, and gaming service, along with extra iCloud storage.

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