Apple Watch Series 7 is back to an all-time low price of $339

The larger 45mm watch is also at a record-low price.

Cherlynn Low/Engadget

Want an Apple Watch Series 7 now that spring is making outdoor exercise easier? Now might be a good time to get one. Amazon is once again selling the 41mm Series 7 in Midnight aluminum for $339, an all-time low price we haven't seen since December. Other shades are also discounted to around $349. Blue, green and red 45mm aluminum models are down to a record-low $369 if a larger case looks better on your wrist.

Buy Apple Watch (41mm) at Amazon - $339 Buy Apple Watch (45mm) at Amazon - $369

Apple Watch Series 7 remains a solid value half a year later. It's a subtle evolution of Series 6, but the larger screen is easier to use and better for quick glimpses during a meeting or workout. A dustproof design might prove crucial during hikes. You might also appreciate the faster charging, particularly if you use sleep tracking and want a full battery before you start work. Add a strong app ecosystem and tight integration with Apple offerings like Fitness+ and it's an easy choice if you're an iPhone owner.

The usual caveats remain. Android users need not apply, for a start. The built-in sleep tracking is lackluster, and dedicated athletes may want a fitness watch. And while the battery life is stronger than before, you won't find the days or weeks of use you get with some alternatives. Still, the Apple Watch is considered the gold standard of iPhone-friendly smartwatches for a reason — it's a good all-rounder.

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