'Apple Watch X' will reportedly feature a thinner casing and magnetic bands

It's still at least a year away.


Since its 2015 release, a new model of the Apple Watch has made its way into stores every year — often with minimal upgrades. Well, that might change when the Apple Watch X rolls around as the company is reportedly working on more substantial changes for its tenth-anniversary model, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

The Apple Watch X upgrades could include a magnetic band attachment, replacing the slide-in design currently in use and allowing space for a larger battery. It might also have a thinner watch case and a microLED display, providing a better picture than current OLED screens. On the health front, the Apple Watch X will reportedly include a blood pressure sensor alongside the heart rate monitor, sleep tracking and blood oxygen detection already present in current models.

This updated Apple Watch won't likely hit the market for another year if it follows the annual release schedule or two if Apple wants to wait a whole decade after its first release. The Apple Watch Series 9 is on its way first (and expected to be unveiled at an event this September), bringing with it a faster processor for the first time since the Series 6 and some new colors. It's expected to stay the same size as the Series 8 across its models and, overall, will be a limited upgrade.