AppleCare+ monthly plans are available in Canada, Japan and Australia

They're the first new countries since the plans launched last year in the US.


Apple first rolled out monthly payments for Applecare+ last year, but so far the service has been limited to to US. Now, Apple is expanding the program abroad to three additional countries: Japan, Australia and Canada (via MacRumors).

AppleCare+ extends your regular warranty and includes accidental damage coverage. As in the US, the lump-sum plan is limited to 24 months (or 36 months if you own an Apple Watch Edition or Hérmes), whereas the monthly plan renews indefinitely each month until you cancel it. However, the single payment option is cheaper than the monthly plan over the two- or three-year period. (All of that is a generalization, as many terms and conditions apply).

Customers who paid upfront for AppleCare+ can extend it by purchasing the monthly plan, with prices varying depending on the device and country. The monthly plans are now live, according to the AppleCare+ pages in Australia and Canada.

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