Apple's AirTag is the cheapest it's ever been at Amazon

You can grab one for $24, or $5 off its usual price.

Chris Velazco/Engadget

Apple's AirTags can be a good way to keep track of that new backpack or wallet you were gifted during the holidays, and now you can grab one of the trackers for less. Amazon has a single AirTag for $24, which is $5 less than usual and a new record-low. The only time we've seen AirTags for less than this was during a Woot sale on a four-pack. This, however, is the best price we've seen if you want just one of the trackers — and while it's a relatively small discount, it's a good deal on an accessory that rarely goes on sale.

Buy AirTag at Amazon - $24

AirTags are designed to work with iPhones, which means you'll get a pretty seamless experience from the moment you take the coin-sized tracker out of the box. The Find My app will immediately recognize the AirTag and you can label it with the name of whatever it's attached to. Since there's no keyhole on the AirTag, you will need some sort of case or holder if you want to secure the tracker to your keys, but you can find affordable AirTag accessories easily across the web. Given how small AirTags are, they'll easily slip into a pocket of your bag or a fold in your wallet without trouble.

Once set up, you can return to the Find My app to locate your missing things and you can force the AirTag to emit a chime so you can more easily find your stuff if you're still relatively close to it. Plus, if you have an iPhone that supports ultra-wideband, the AirTag's Precision Finding feature can lead you directly to your stuff with directions on your handset's screen. You may have to wait a bit to get the AirTag as Amazon's estimated delivery time is at the end of January, but now's a good opportunity to add an AirTag to your Apple setup and save a bit of money while doing so.

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