ASUS's ROG Swift is the 'world's first' 500Hz G-Sync gaming monitor

It uses NVIDIA's Reflex tech to reduce system latency.


ASUS has unveiled what it calls the "world's first" 500Hz G-Sync gaming display, the 1080p ROG Swift 500Hz. Designed for competitive gaming, it uses an "E-TN" (eSports TN) panel and incorporates NVIDIA's G-Sync eSports to maximize motion it clarity. It also uses NVIDIA's Reflex Analyzer technology that delivers real-time stats to help you reduce end-to-end latency if you're using a Reflex-optimized mouse and NVIDIA GPU.

The key highlight is the 500Hz refresh rate that draws eight times faster than typical 60Hz displays, ASUS notes. The company is also promising 60 percent better response times than standard TN panels, thanks to the new eSports TN tech. It also uses something ASUS calls an enhanced Vibrance mode that's built right into the monitor's firmware. It's supposed to let more light through the LCD crystals, boosting color vibrancy and "allowing you to pick out details and highlights that might give away an enemy's position," it said.

500Hz G-Sync eSports displays are specifically tuned for competitive games like CS:GO, Valorant, Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege. NVIDIA also announced four new Reflex-supported games: Icarus, My Time at Sandrock, Soda Crisis and Warstride Challenges.

NVIDIA also released a video (below) showing the benefits of higher refresh rates including animation smoothness for easier target tracking, minimal ghosting and improved system latency. It "benefits every game and gamer, not just competitive games and eSports games," NVIDIA wrote in its own press release.

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