AT&T is slightly raising the price of its Unlimited plans

Rates are going up a dollar, but you will get a bit more hotspot data.

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AT&T is raising its Unlimited plan prices a bit on March 5, 2024, though users will at least get more hotspot data, CNET has reported. Prices for all plans are going up by 99 cents per line per month, but users on AT&T's old Unlimited Elite plan will see no change.

The new plans are now up on AT&T's website, showing the Unlimited Starter SL plan (replacing the old Unlimited Starter plan) now priced at $65.99, but offering 5GB of hotspot data, up from 3GB. The Unlimited Extra is now the Unlimited Extra EL plan, and costs $75.99 per month with 30GB of hotspot data rather than 15GB. Finally, the new Unlimited Premium PL option supersedes the old Unlimited Premium plan and bumps the hotspot data by 10GB to 60GB (all prices are for one user).

The company is also boosting the price of its Value Plus VL (previously Value Plus) plan by 99 cents to $50.99. Hotspot data still isn't permitted, but you're now allowed up to 10 lines instead of just one.

"We are bringing new benefits and added value to our best Unlimited plans," a spokesperson told CNET in a statement. "Customers on our current Unlimited Starter, Extra, Premium and Value Plus plans will receive the additional benefits starting in March [presumably along with the higher rate]. Existing customers will be notified of these changes in the coming days and will have several weeks prior to the effective date to update their plan or make other changes if they'd like to."

AT&T's Unlimited plans compare to T-Mobile's Go5G plans and Verizon's MyPlan options. All get considerably cheaper as you add lines, and include perks like Netflix, Disney and other subscriptions. Last year, the United States ranked 219th in global mobile data affordability, or 19th worst in the world, just ahead of the Marshall Islands and Tuvalu.

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