Audi's updated Q8 E-Tron focuses on luxury over performance

A prime example of the evolution of EVs.

Roberto Baldwin for Engadget

Audi's original E-Tron was really just an electric Q8. Now that it uses the E-Tron moniker as a label for all of its EVs, the carmaker has rebadged the updated E-Tron as the Q8 E-Tron. Yet this is more than just a facelift. Instead, Audi took the opportunity to make the vehicle better based on what it's learned over the past few years as an EV builder.

The biggest difference from the offset is the increased range. The previous E-Tron had a range of 204 miles at launch. This new Q8 E-Tron manages a more impressive 285 miles on a single charge, which should appease most people looking to buy an EV.

Behind the wheel, the new Audi is just a better driving vehicle than the original E-Tron. It's less performance-centric than you would expect from a brand like Audi, instead the automaker has targeted a luxury ride and frankly, it's nailed it. It's a good example of automakers taking what they've learned while building EVs over the past few years and evolving their platform. For the full story, check out our video below.