DICE delays 'Battlefield 2042' season one to fix the core game

Voice chat and better feedback should come before then.


Battlefield 2042 is flawed, to put it mildly, and the developers are rethinking their schedule to address those shortcomings. DICE and EA have officially delayed the game's first season to early summer, and will use the extra time to fix the core experience. The next BF2042 update will bring a revamped, easier-to-digest scoreboard, while better player profiles and long-awaited voice chat functionality are coming "as soon as possible." There will be improvements to squad mechanisms, the ping system, objective rewards and Portal mode, DICE added.

The studio similarly promised a better feedback loop. The BF2042 team will publicly discuss major areas for planned improvement, including its existing strategy. Staff will listen to the community's response to those subjects and roll the feedback into the relevant updates. There will be conversations for smaller refinements, too. This open-book approach certainly isn't new for game creators, but it is an acknowledgment this latest Battlefield didn't match player expectations.

As for season one? DICE is shy on details, but it did promise BF2042 Gold and Ultimate Edition buyers will get a "Steadfast" bundle in return for the wait. The pack will include a melee weapon, player imagery and skins for weapons, a Specialist and a vehicle. While that's a far cry from what's expected from the four intended seasons (including new Specialists), it might be a small comfort for those who spent extra.