BBC Together lets you watch shows with friends

You can co-watch or co-listen to BBC shows with this new experimental tool.

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Mariella Moon
May 19th, 2020
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We’ve been seeing more and more apps and technologies geared towards helping you stay social while in isolation. There’s a new Chrome extension called Netflix Party that allows friends to sync up a Netflix stream. Video-calling app Houseparty also launched a new player that gives people an easy way to co-watch with friends. Now, the BBC has started testing its own tool that lets you watch or listen to its shows with other people online, according to The Verge.

BBC Together works across the broadcaster’s services. It will allow you to stream on-demand video from BBC iPlayer, on-demand audio from BBC Sounds, shows from BBC News and BBC Sports, as well educational content from Bitesize over the internet with companions. The tool is now available through Taser, which serves as a home for the company’s experimental products. You only need to paste a link of the program you want to watch or listen to with other people, and it will generate a new link you can share with them.

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