Beats Solo Pro and Galaxy Buds Pro are back to all-time lows at Woot

Pay as little as $150 for wireless audio.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds
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Now's a good time to buy some Bluetooth earphones if you need to save some money. Woot is selling Apple's Beats Solo Pro headphones for an all-time low price of $150, or half off their official price. If you prefer earbuds, Woot is also selling Samsung's Galaxy Buds Pro for a record low $170, or $30 off. These are both bargains we've seen before, but it's rare to see two deals like this at the same time.

Buy Beats Solo Pro at Woot - $150

Buy Galaxy Buds Pro at Woot - $170

Both are great-sounding devices, but they clearly appeal to different audiences. The Beats Solo Pro headphones are aimed at people who prefer over-ears, of course, but they're also best-suited to Apple device owners who want the ease of use and hands-free Siri integration. You can use the Solo Pro with Android or Windows, of course, and you'll still get solid active noise cancelling in the process — it's just that the best experience will likely come with an iPhone or Mac.

The Galaxy Buds Pro, meanwhile, are chiefly meant for Android users (particularly Galaxy phone users) who want true wireless earbuds to rival or beat Apple's AirPods Pro. You'll get the conveniences of a completely wire-free design (including wireless charging), sweat resistance and quality ANC. There's even head-tracking 360 Audio to match Apple's spatial audio. You'll get a fraction of the battery life of the Beats (five hours with ANC versus the Solo Pro's 22), but that's more than enough for exercise or a morning of concentrated work.

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