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Beats Studio Pro ANC headphones fall back to a low of $250

That's $99 off the regular price.

Photo by Billy Steele/Engadget

It has only been a few months since Apple's Beats division unveiled the Beats Studio Pro, a long-overdue new set of noise-canceling headphones. While it took several years for Beats to update its over-ear headphones, consumers haven't had to wait nearly as long for a discount on the latest cans. The Beats Studio Pro has dropped from $349 to $250 at Woot. That's a 29 percent discount, and it matches the lowest price we've previously seen.

While Amazon owns Woot, it's worth bearing in mind that the latter has a different returns policy. So, be aware of that if you were considering picking up the Beats Studio Pro just to try them out.

Beats Studio Pro have dropped back to $250, which is $99 off the regular price.

$250 at Woot

The Beats Studio Pro is a solid option for a set of over-ear wireless headphones. We gave the device a score of 81 in our review. A big improvement to the sound quality from previous models is a major plus point, with a second-gen version of Beats' audio chip powering upgraded active noise cancellation, spatial audio and dynamic head tracking. We felt that the headphones delivered above average voice performance, while the addition of a transparency mode and USB-C wired audio for higher-resolution audio are certainly welcome.

On the downside, some may find the lack of an automatic pausing function irksome, while the headphones perhaps don't offer the most comfortable fit out there. Most egregiously, there's no support for iOS multipoint connectivity, even though this is a device from an Apple brand. That means you can't connect to more than one Apple device at once for seamless switching. Here's hoping Beats enables that at some point.

Overall, the Beats Studio Pro is a solid choice for a set of over-ear headphones, especially at this price. If you're a Beats fan looking to upgrade, now seems like a good time to do so. Alternatively, there are many other great sets of wireless headphones worth considering.

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