Bethesda will shut down its PC launcher in May

You'll be able to transfer your purchases and wallet balance to Steam.


Bethesda plans to shut down its PC games launcher later this year. Players will be able to move their games, DLC, virtual currency, in-game items and wallet balance to their Steam account. More specific details about the process will be revealed later.

Starting in April, you'll be able to move everything over to Steam, including friends lists. You might need to copy some save files to the Steam folder manually. Bethesda expects that nearly all save progress will be transferable. However, at least for the time being, Wolfenstein: Youngblood saves from the Bethesda launcher won't work on Steam.

Users can play games through the Bethesda launcher until some time in May. You'll still be able to transfer your data to Steam after that time.

Meanwhile, accounts aren't going anywhere. You'll continue to use your account to log in to games that require it and you'll still be able to access it on Bethesda's website. Bethesda will continue to use the accounts in future titles.

Fallout 76 players should note that, as of April, their Fallout 1st membership won't renew automatically. They'll need to renew it on Steam once their membership expires. When they move to Steam, yearly members will instantly receive all Atoms they're due for the remainder of their membership.

Bethesda's parent company Microsoft already sells Xbox games through Steam. Bethesda's games are also available to buy via the Xbox app and many of them are included in Game Pass. For PC gamers, switching to Steam means having one fewer major game launcher to deal with and more of their games available in one place.