Bird will expand access to electric scooters for public transit in Nashville

The city is hoping to boost adoption of eco-friendly transit options.


Bird is teaming up with Nashville with the aim of filling certain public transit gaps in the community with electric scooters. The company and the city's public transit agency hope to boost adoption of public transportation and eco-friendly transit options.

The two sides will harness WeGo Public Transit’s data and expertise about transit usage patterns as well as Bird's know-how to build their pilot program. Folks traveling to and from some areas of the city "will have consistent and reliable access" to e-scooters, according to Bird. The hope is that residents will opt for a scooter for the last-mile section of their journeys, which are often taken by car.

Bird noted in a press release that transit gaps can prevent people from having easy access to public transportation. Scooters can help those without cars get to and from bus stops and train stations. Bird didn't say when the program will ramp up or how much the scooter rides will cost.

The agreement marks Nashville's first private-public partnership based on expanding access to e-scooters. Bird has operated in the city since 2018. Other micromobility companies have a presence there, including Lime and Unagi.

Public-private partnerships aren't exactly novel for Bird, though. Spain, for instance, forged its first public-private micromobility partnership with the company back in 2020.