Unagi's take-home scooter subscription service expands to six new cities

It's now also available in more New York and LA locations.

Unagi (Unagi)

Unagi's All-Access scooter subscription service is now available in six new major metropolitan areas: Austin, Miami, Nashville, Phoenix, the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle. In addition, the company is expanding its availability in New York and LA where the service first rolled out. People across all five New York boroughs, as well as in all of Long Island, in much of Westchester county and across much of Northern New Jersey can now get a subscription. In LA, the service will now be available across the greater Los Angeles region.

The company launched its All-Access subscription last year to give people the option to have 24/7 access to a scooter without having to buy one. For $49 a month or $468 a year with a $50 setup fee, customers can get the company's Model One scooter FedExed to their door and not have to return and share it with anybody else as long as their subscription is active. It could give people a way to skip public transit in the midst of a pandemic, so long as they're willing to tote a 22 to 24-pound scooter around. In case of maintenance issues, Unagi will even send customers replacement scooters in less than 72 hours.

In its announcement, Unagi says demand for its scooters skyrocketed over the past year and that it has more expansion plans in the future. It's currently building infrastructure that will allow it to deliver a scooter anywhere in the US in days, so we may see more All-Access locations in the future.

Update 03/17/21 8PM ET: Unagi told us that the All-Access plan doesn't require a 3—month commitment after all. Customers who sign up can cancel anytime, with no upfront commitment.