Amazon is reportedly fast tracking a live-action Blade Runner series

Ridley Scott may direct some episodes of 'Blade Runner 2099.'

Warner Bros.

A few months back, Blade Runner director Ridley Scott said a live-action series set in that universe is in the works. The project looks to be a step closer to reality, as Amazon Studios has reportedly put it in development. Amazon's TV and film production arm is said to be fast tracking scripts and looking at possible production dates.

The show is called Blade Runner 2099, according to both Deadline and Variety. While no details about the plot have been revealed as yet, the title suggests the show will be set 50 years after Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to Scott's original film.

Scott is said to be an executive producer and may direct some episodes if the series gets the green light. Silka Luisa, who wrote the upcoming Apple TV+ time-travel thriller series Shining Girls, is reportedly onboard as a writer and executive producer.

It's still early days for Blade Runner 2099, but the smart money is on Amazon bringing the series to Prime Video. The streaming service has a decent track record when it comes to sci-fi, with shows like The Expanse under its belt. Like Blade Runner, Amazon anthology series Electric Dreams is based on the works of sci-fi author Philip K. Dick.

Another show set in the Blade Runner universe, Blade Runner: Black Lotus, debuted on Adult Swim and Crunchyroll last year, though that's an anime series rather than a live-action project.