Blizzard will reveal the next 'World of Warcraft' expansion on April 19th

The Warcraft mobile game will be unveiled in May.

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is gearing up to reveal what's next for the Warcraft franchise across multiple games. The studio is working on the next World of Warcraft expansion following 2020's Shadowlands and fans will get their first look on April 19th.

Although Activision Blizzard didn't say when the expansion will arrive, the timing of the reveal suggests it's sticking with the cadence of releasing one every couple of years. That's despite the difficulties of developing games during the pandemic and the company finding it difficult to hire and retain staff in the wake of lawsuits and misconduct allegations.

Before the WoW reveal, Hearthstone players will get a look at the first of three expansions coming their way in 2022. Those details will emerge on March 15th. Soon after that, the Hearthstone team will reveal more about what's ahead this year, including core set changes.

Meanwhile, Activision Blizzard recently announced a Warcraft mobile game is coming this year. Expect to learn more about that in May.