‘Bloodborne Kart’ reimagines FromSoftware’s classic RPG as a PS1-era arcade racer

Creator Lilith Walther will release the project "when it's ready."

Lilith Walther

A hunter must hunt, and so too must they race, according to the creator of the recently released PS1 “demake” of FromSoftware’s classic 2015 action role-playing game. This week, Bloodborne PSX developer Lilith Walther announced she’s working on Bloodborne Kart, a project she plans to release “when it’s ready.” As you can probably guess from its title, Bloodborne Kart looks to reimagine the sprawling city of Yharnam as the setting for an arcade racer.

The teaser Walther shared didn’t include much in the way of gameplay, but we do get to see Bloodborne’s protagonist and their slick new motorcycle depicted in the iconic pixelated style of a classic PS1-era game. In an interview with Kotaku, Walther said she hopes it won’t take her as long to finish Bloodborne Kart as it did her original demake. That’s due in part to the fact she already has existing assets and code to work with. In the meantime, you can follow her progress in an ongoing Twitter thread dedicated to the project’s development.