Bose Ultra Open Earbuds clip onto your ears and cost $300

Initially, they'll only be available via a collab with fashion brand Kith.


Well, this is certainly an interesting way to debut a new set of wireless earbuds. Bose announced today that it has teamed up with fashion and lifestyle brand Kith to release its newest product: the Ultra Open Earbuds. The news follows a leak during CES that tipped the rather unique design, a set of buds that clip onto your ears and leave the ear canal open to let outside noise in. Details are scarce in terms of key specs, but here's what the company did reveal in the announcement.

Bose describes the Ultra Open Earbuds as "an innovative cuff-shaped design with polished, soft edges and a stunning finish." In a departure from its previous "open" model, these earbuds attach to the side of your ears instead of being secured with an over-the-ear hook. Bose says this makes the buds more of a fashion accessory than an "audio wearable," which explains the collab. The company also says you can wear them with a hat, glasses or jewelry with no issues, since they sit further down your ear. It's also touting increased comfort and "all-day wear," since you don't have to choose between tuning into your surroundings or listening to audio content.

Bose Ultra Open Earbuds

Detailed specs are scant for now, but Kith spilled a few items on its website. The fashion company further describes the design as having "a light-as-air grip" and "a flexible joint" for getting them on and off with ease. You can expect up to seven and a half hours of playtime with Bose Immersive Audio for spatial sound and "an additional suite of state-of-the-art technologies." The iconic Bose branding has been replaced with a Kith logo in the same lettering style on both the earbuds and the charging case. Bose says this marks its first partnership with a fashion brand, and it's noteworthy that the company is letting a collab reveal an all-new product rather than a limited-edition version of an existing one.

The Bose Ultra Open Earbuds will be available for $300 on January 22 on and in select Kith stores "in extremely limited quantities." I'm guessing the company will debut a proper version with its own branding soon enough, but there's no mention of that in today's announcement.

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