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Bose's QuietComfort 45 headphones are $80 off right now

Get stellar noise cancellation and all-day comfort for $250.

Billy Steele/Engadget

When it comes to noise cancellation, few over-the-ear cans tune out the world better than Bose's QuietComfort. Right now, the $80 discount puts these premium headphones at $249, which is pretty close to their all-time-low price. The deal is part of Bose's pre-Black Friday sale, so it's likely the lowest they'll go before the holidays. While $250 is by no means a cheap for a pair of headphones, we are big fans of the QC45s. They earned an 86 when we reviewed them late last year, getting special recognition for their balanced sound quality that works nicely with virtually all music genres.

These are one of our favorite wireless headphones thanks to great noise cancellation and balanced sound.
$279 at Amazon

While this isn't the lowest they've ever been — they were $229 during the Prime Early Access Sale a couple of weeks ago — this remains a solid deal on one of our current top recommendations for wireless headphones. What's particularly nice is the deal applies to all four color options (black, white, navy and grey).

Like the name suggests, the QuietComfort series are designed to stay comfortable for long periods of wear, and that's exactly what we found in our tests. The long battery life (we got a little over 22 hours on a charge) also lends itself to extended wear and that's what you want in a pair of ANC headphones — think long flights, workdays in noisy offices or co-working spaces/coffee shops, or just shutting out everything around you so you can finally catch up on the dragon show.

While we weren't crazy about their aesthetics (little was done to update the look from the previous models), the QC45 packs easy on-board controls and happily pairs with more than one device at a time — iOS, Android, Mac and PC included — while delivering clear, balanced audio in headphones that feel comfortable for the long haul.

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