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Brydge's iPad Pro keyboard with trackpad is $35 off at Wellbots

The Pro+ line of smart keyboards debuted earlier this year.

Brydge Pro Plus iPad Pro smart keyboard
Valentina Palladino
Valentina Palladino|@valentinalucia|October 19, 2020 10:24 AM

Not everyone wants to drop $300 on a Magic Keyboard for their iPad Pro, regardless of how luxurious it is. But now Engadget readers can get a solid alternative made by Brydge for less from Wellbots. Both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch Brydge Pro+ smart keyboards for the latest iPad Pros are $35 off when you use the code ENGADGETPAD at checkout. That brings the 11-inch model down to $164 while the 12.9-inch version comes in at $194. The sale prices will be available while supplies last, and Wellbots offers no sales tax outside New York and free shipping.

Buy Brydge Pro+ (11-inch) at Wellbots - $164 Buy Brydge Pro+ (12.9-inch) at Wellbots - $194

These aren’t all-time-low prices, but they come close. You can get the 11-inch Brydge Pro+ for $160 on Amazon right now, but the 12.9-inch sits at $200. Brydge is known for making reliable and well-designed mobile accessories and we’ve been fans of their iPad keyboards for a while now. The Pro+ series came out at the beginning of this year and they are good alternatives to Apple’s Magic Keyboard not only thanks to their premium aluminum designs, but also because of their built-in trackpads. iPad iOS 13.4 brought full Bluetooth trackpad support to the iPad and, along with many other features, it made this year’s iPad Pros feel more like viable laptop replacements.

And if you’re looking to use your iPad Pro like a laptop even some of the time, a keyboard is a necessity. The Brydge Pro+ is a convenient way to go since it provides a keyboard and a trackpad for the iPad as well as a built-in stand, allowing you to prop it up in laptop or movie mode. The whole thing folds down flat so you can use the tablet as, well, a tablet without a lot of bulky hardware interfering. We also appreciate that the Pro+ models have backlit keys and a three-month battery life. They also charge via USB-C, which is a great perk consider there are still many accessories out there that are not on the USB-C train yet.

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Brydge's iPad Pro keyboard with trackpad is $35 off at Wellbots