You can now buy a Switch OLED dock without a Switch OLED

They come with ethernet/LAN ports, unlike the docks for the non-OLED Switch.

Kris Naudus / Engadget

Nintendo has started selling docks for Switch OLED units separately in North America. According to Nintendo Life, the gaming giant revealed the dock would be sold as a standalone item when the OLED Switch was launched. And it has been available in European stores since the beginning of December, but now you can also get one in the US and Canada. While you can use the OLED model with the dock for the standard Switch, the one designed for it comes with a very important addition: An ethernet/LAN port.

In case your home internet isn't as fast as you'd like it to be, and you'd benefit greatly from a wired connection, the new dock may work better for your needs. You'd have to have or buy your own LAN/ethernet cable, though, since the dock doesn't come with one. It also doesn't include an AC Adapter and an HDMI cable, but it can receive software updates.

You can snap up a dock from Nintendo's store in the US or in Canada for $70. The unit will ship with a standard white panel, which we found flimsy and prone to being lost in our review. But you can get a back cover in black or get another white one as a replacement part from Nintendo's website for $6.