Cadillac will offer two new features to select Super Cruise drivers this summer

2021 CT4, CT5 and Escalade owners will be eligible for Automatic Lane Change and Trailering functions.


GM's Super Cruise will learn two new tricks this summer. GM announced on Tuesday that the driver assist system will offer Automatic Lane Change and Trailering capabilities for eligible owners.

Owners of the 2021 Cadillac CT4 and CT5 will have the opportunity to purchase Automatic Lane Change capabilities while 2021 Escalade owners will be given the Trailering option as well, which allows the SUV to tow without touching the steering wheel. The company estimates that some 12,000 CT4s, 5s, and Escalades will be eligible for the paid updates. "Eligible customers will receive communication from Cadillac about pricing, and how they can purchase and install these new upgrades in the near future," a GM spokesperson told Engadget via email.

Super Cruise, which can be found on a variety of GM products including the new Hummer EV is a Level 2 system, in that it is a driver assist and not fully-autonomous. It relies on a mixture of LiDAR mapping, GPS, visual cameras and radar sensors to navigate traffic. GM originally announced these new features back in 2020, however the COVID pandemic and a global processor shortage have hampered their rollout.