Calm is bringing sleep, meditation and relaxation shows to Spotify

The partnership comes through Spotify Open Access.


Calm is making a play for some of your time spent listening to songs and podcasts. The popular meditation app is teaming up with Spotify to offer content via the streaming service. Select Calm meditations will be available alongside existing podcasts on Spotify — no additional app required. The partnership is part of Spotify Open Access, an initiative started in 2021 that allows companies to offer their paid content on Spotify at different subscriber tiers.

In this case, Calm provides a sampling of its different offers, from Sleep Stories that can help you drop off to an entire section tailored to anyone who has never meditated before. The second, Calm for Beginners, offers the company's most popular introductory meditation and gives you a few five-minute or less options to test the waters. You can access Sleep Stories through Calm for Sleep (with narrations by Harry Styles and other celebrities) and try Calm for Stress & Anxiety when you need to decompress during difficult moments. If you want to learn about how singer Camila Cabello got into mindfulness, there's an option for that too.

Spotify is also hosting Calm for Kids, so you can see if your child will focus on a meditation tailored to their age group. It also has a few Sleep Stories for kids narrated by the likes of Jennifer Garner and Wanda Sykes. Existing Calm users can also benefit from the partnership, with additional content available on Spotify.

Calm bills itself as the number one meditation app — in October 2022, it claimed to have over 100 million downloads and more than four million paying subscribers. But, with a range of competitors like Headspace and InsightTimer, partnerships like this one can continue to grow its reach.

Enjoying the available content might not be the only reason Calm sees more subscribers come in. While some of the content is free for Spotify users, others will require you to start a Calm free trial or buy a subscription. Trials are currently available for 30 days and a Calm Premium membership costs $69.99 annually or $14.99 a month.