YouTuber reunites 'Celeste' developer with lost Game Award after finding it on eBay

Extremely OK Games won the trophy in 2018.

Extremely OK Games

In 2018, Celeste won a Game Award for the best independent release of that year. For nearly four years since, that award has been missing, but now it’s on its way back to its rightful owners at Extremely OK Games thanks to YouTuber Ryan B. In a recent video spotted by PC Gamer, he details the unusual saga.

PrestigeIsKey, as he’s better known online, has spent the last five years trying to buy a replica of a Game Award to add to his home collection. He recently found an eBay listing that was selling a “real” version of the winged statue. The seller claimed they had obtained the award from a “liquidation” source and had no other information to share about it. Ryan decided to take his chances and paid $375 plus shipping to buy the trophy. When it finally turned up at his home, he found out it was the genuine article.

Ryan contacted Extremely OK Games to find out if the statue had been lost or given away. The studio told him they never got their award after the show ended. Ryan went on to offer to mail them the trophy. In turn, Extremely OK Games said it would reimburse him for his trouble and send him signed copies of Celeste. It's one of those rare stories that has a happy ending.