Chipolo's new credit card-sized tracker features Find My support

It's a bit neater than one of those AirTag wallet cards.


Chipolo has bobbed around for a while as one of those companies orbiting inside Tile’s universe of Bluetooth-enabled object trackers. But, last year, the company’s One Spot tracker was able to access Apple’s Find My network, giving it the same superpowers as an AirTag. Now, half a year later, the company is launching a credit card-shaped tracker designed to give your wallet a similar level of protection.

The Chipolo Card Spot (sorry, we’re not going to call it the CARD Spot) can be paired to the Find My network with your iOS device. You’ll be able to track it should you leave it behind, and also get the option of notifications if you’ve left it behind when you’re out and about. Chipolo adds that the integral speaker will chirrip at 105dB to ensure that you’ll be able to hear it when you lose it. And that it’ll also withstand water, should you have a mishap during a fishing trip.

If there’s one downside, it’s that the battery isn’t replaceable, so once the two-year claimed lifespan is up, you’ll need to buy a new one. Chipolo does, however, say that you’ll get a 50 percent discount on the replacement and get a pre-paid envelope to return the expired unit. Oh, and you’ll be able to set it into Lost Mode, so when someone in the Find My network passes by, it’ll hopefully ensure your stuff gets returned to you.

Image of the new Chipolo Card Spot, which connects to Apple's Find My Network.

Certainly, a credit card-shaped tracker is going to be invaluable for those folks who want to leverage Apple’s most recent innovation. There are a number of aftermarket AirTag holders that will enable it to slide (slightly awkwardly, mind) into a credit card slot, and now we’re seeing more wallets with space for an AirTag hanging off the side. But all of those are designed to accommodate the slightly impractical nature of that round design.

Chipolo says that pre-orders for the Card Spot will open from today, with shipping expected to begin next month. For a single unit, it'll be $35, while a pair will be priced at $60, and if you'd rather get a single Card Spot and a pair of One Spot trackers, it'll be $77.

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