Chrome for iOS test locks Incognito tabs behind Touch or Face ID

The feature will blur that tab you want to remain private.

Google Chrome. ( Thomas Trutschel via Getty Images)

Google is working to make private web browsing on Chrome for iOS a little more secure by letting you lock Incognito tabs with Face or Touch ID. The update, detailed in the app's beta version for iPhone and iPad, essentially blurs Incognito tabs in the tab switcher so that they remain hidden until you authenticate with either a fingerprint or facial unlock.

It's a helpful little upgrade, especially if like me you have dozens of tabs open at any time. Enabling the feature may also give you some peace of mind the next time someone asks to borrow your phone to use Chrome.

As 9to5Google notes, the feature may not be available for all beta users just yet. Google has been holding back new versions of many of its iOS apps in the wake of Apple's privacy labels push. Therefore, it's not clear when the update will land, but Chrome 89 is due out next next month.

Once live, you can turn it on via Settings, Privacy and then selecting "Lock Incognito tabs when you close Chrome."