It's now easier to take handwritten notes on your Chromebook

You'll also find smarter USB-C support.

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Nathan Ingraham/Engadget

School may be winding down, but that isn't stopping Google from making Chromebooks more useful as note-taking tools. The company is rolling out a Chrome OS M102 release that makes the previously limited Cursive app available on any Chromebook with pen support. The software helps you create, organize and share handwritten notes, in some cases with shorcuts that spare you from using keyboards or finger touch.

You can write or draw, as you'd expect, but you can also use your pen to move content just by circling it, or erase it by scribbling on top. You can even create extra space by drawing a horizontal line. Cursive also lets you paste images, collate material in notebooks and share notes by either copying it or saving them as PDFs.

M102 is also an important update if you're using a Chromebook with Thunderbolt or USB 4 ports. Chrome OS on systems with 11th- or 12th-generation Core processors is now smart enough to recognize if the USB-C cable you're using can't support a display or otherwise falls short of what your laptop can handle. You might not have to wonder why a peripheral isn't working properly.

If you need magnification, the upgrade lets you resize the magnified portion. You can better see zoomed-in content, or keep the area small when you just want a closer look at tiny pictures or text.

Cursive will be preinstalled on all compatible Chromebooks as part of the update, but you can install it manually using the earlier link. It's reasonable to say the update makes stylus-equipped Chromebooks that much more useful — you can jot down class and meeting notes knowing they'll be tidy and easy to access.