Clubhouse's audio chat rooms are now open to everyone

The app is ditching the waitlist system as it moves out of beta.

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Kris Holt
July 21, 2021 1:00 PM
Clubhouse new logo

Folks who want to check out Clubhouse no longer need to join a waitlist. Sixteen months after it debuted, the audio discussion app is moving out of beta. It’s now open to everyone. To commemorate the big milestone, the company is also unveiling a new logo today, which you can see above.

Clubhouse says users can share links with others and invite them to join. The company claims there are half a million audio chat rooms on the app each day, and that 10 million people have signed up since the Android app arrived in May. Clubhouse added a direct message system last week and it says the community has already sent 90 million messages. Meanwhile, on average, users are spending over an hour a day on Clubhouse.

Clubhouse plans to keep things fresh by rolling out big updates every week or two, a cadence that's similar to how often other social media apps are updated.

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While many Clubhouse users certainly seem to be hooked on the app, it’s facing stern competition from elsewhere. The likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord and Spotify have all moved into audio chat rooms in recent months. Opening up the app to everyone is an important step for Clubhouse as it looks to keep growing. 

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