Clubhouse unveils its new 'Backchannel' DM feature

Message other users one-on-one or use it as a private group chat.

Dado Ruvic / reuters

Clubhouse, the oft cloned invite-only audio chat platform that recently expanded to Android, has since its inception lacked a seemingly fundamental feature present on virtually every other social media app: the ability to directly message other users. But no longer! On Wednesday, the company announced that the Clubhouse app will now support DMs in the form of the new Backchannel messaging feature.

Backchannel will function as both a private messaging system for both 1:1 interactions and group chats. With it, Clubhouse envisions users employing it to coordinate privately among a channel's co-hosts, take sensitive questions or privately thank participants outside of the general group discussion, or just audibly shoot the breeze with your buddies.

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