CNN+ is now streaming on Roku devices

Roku is arriving fashionably late.

Monica Schipper/Getty Images for CNN+)

Roku support was conspicuously absent when CNN+ launched last month, but that won't be a problem after today. CNN+ is now available on the Roku platform in the US, including TVs and dedicated media players. You won't have access to the interactive Club community feature (that requires a PC, phone or tablet), but you'll otherwise get the same mix of live shows and on-demand programming. This includes the live CNN TV feed.

The service costs $6 per month or $60 per year. Anyone who subscribes within the first four weeks can get 50 percent off the monthly plan for life, dropping the cost to $36 per year (for now, at least).

CNN+ was already accessible through Android mobile devices, Apple hardware (including Apple TV) and Amazon's Fire TV. This still leaves significant gaps, such as consoles and multiple smart TV platforms. Even so, it's evident CNN wants to make its service relatively ubiquitous — virtually necessary if it's going to compete with Paramount+, Peacock and other streaming rivals.