'Contra Returns' for mobile is finally coming to the US on July 26th

The free-to-play shooter features over 200 levels.

Contra Returns

The latest instalment in the legendary Contra series is coming to more countries including the US. Contra Returns  a free-to-play mobile game jointly created by Konami and Tencent's TiMi Studios back in 2017 — is heading to North America on July 26th along with the UK, Europe and Latin America. The shooter sees the series' iconic heroes back to fight an alien enemy as part of a new side-scrolling adventure.

The mobile entry also features new storylines and over 200 total levels, along with updated graphics. New and returning characters include grizzled commandos Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, Sheena from Contra 4, Lucia from Contra: Shattered Soldier, a bear and a werewolf named Brad Fang.

To give you a taster of the mayhem that awaits, Konami has released a live-action trailer that's equal parts apocalyptic destruction, sweaty machismo and gun fetishism. There's also plenty of camo and slo-mo strutting thrown in for good measure. Basically, all the ingredients you'd expect from a fan-made Contra movie. At the end of the clip, there's a snippet of the frenetic, industrial shooter gameplay.

Contra Returns originally launched in China back in 2017. Its success led to a Taiwanese release and an English-language version for Southeast Asia. TiMi, which recently struck a gaming partnership with Xbox, previously tweeted that it was planning a wider rollout for the game. Since the mobile title's initial launch, there have been a couple of Contra games for PCs and consoles including 2019's Contra Anniversary Collection and the run-and-gun shooter Contra: Rogue Corps.

You can currently pre-register for the new mobile game on iOS and Android to gain special awards when it drops.

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