Only the new 'Control Ultimate Edition' will get next-gen upgrades

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Remedy is preparing an 'Ultimate' version of Control that includes the frankly-brilliant main game, post-launch patches and season pass expansions. The $40 package will be available on Steam -- meaning the title is no longer an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC -- PS4 and Xbox One. If you buy the game on console, you’ll also get a “next-gen optimized version” for PS5 or Xbox Series X once it's available later in the year.

There's just one problem: existing Control owners are excluded from that complimentary next-gen upgrade. "The free upgrade path to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 version of Control is only available for Control Ultimate Edition," publisher 505 Games confirmed in a blog post. So if you've already spent $60 on the base game and $25 on the season pass, you'll need to spend another $40 -- bringing your grand total to $125 -- to play both the original and next-gen optimized versions. The Ultimate Edition is a great deal for newcomers, but feels just a tad harsh on early adopters who endured the game’s occasionally-inconsistent performance on console.

The new version will launch on August 27th, the same day that Control's second and final story expansion is released. It's called AWE and will feature at least one hero from a Remedy title released in May 2010.