Cowboy 4 electric bike launches with a step-through model

Both versions come with an integrated cockpit for your phone.

Cowboy 4 ST (Cowboy)

Cowboy has launched its fourth generation urban electric bike, and this one comes in two different frames. While the standard Cowboy 4 looks like its predecessors, the C4 ST version is a step-through model that offers an upright riding position meant to attract a broader audience looking for a more comfortable ride. The ST version was optimized for riders 160 to 190cm (5'2" to 6'2" in height), whereas the standard one works best for riders 170 to 195cm (5'6" to 6'4") tall.

Both models have 50 percent more torque, which powers the e—bikes' automatic transmission, than their predecessors. They both also come with a new integrated cockpit where you can easily mount your smartphone for access to the company's app or any other navigation app. Docking your phone on the cockpit will wirelessly recharge it using power from the bike's battery.

Speaking of Cowboy's application, the iOS and Android versions now come with a new home screen that shows you the bike's predictive battery range and consumption, along with weather and other pertinent information. It also has a new navigation screen and 3D map rendering layout that offer clear turn-by-turn directions, as well as other redesigned elements.

The C4 and C4 ST, which both have a range of 70 km (around 43 miles) like Cowboy 3's, is now available for pre—order from Cowboy's website. It will set you back £2,290/€2,490 (US$3,000) inclusive of mudguards, and you'll have to pay a €100/£100 deposit to reserve your unit. Cowboy will start shipping out the e—bikes in September. If you need an e—bike right this moment, though, the company is now selling Cowboy 3 at a reduced price of €2,190/£2,190 (US$2,638) inclusive of mudguards.

The company introduced a bunch of new hardware features with the third-generation bikes, including a new carbon belt and an upgraded trim. Cowboy also added crash detection to its products last year, giving its bikes the capability to watch out for potential falls and alert up to two emergency contacts if needed.

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