The Organelle S is a more affordable take on Critter & Guitari's distinctive music computer

It's $100 less than the Organelle M, but doesn't include a built-in speaker or battery compartment.

Critter & Guitari

Since 2016, Critter and Guitari's Organelle line has been one of the most unique ways to create music. What looks like a simple keyboard is actually a computer powered by a Raspberry Pi module and Pure Data, a visual programming language primarily intended for creating and manipulating audio. It’s a setup that gives the Organelle – and its 2019 successor, the Organelle M – the ability to function as synth, drum machine, effects unit and more. However, all of that versatility comes at a cost; buying the Organelle M new from Critter and Guitari will set you back $595 before tax.

Enter the Organelle S. At $495, it’s $100 less expensive than the Organelle M. It doesn’t include the built-in speaker or battery compartment found on its sibling. Outside of those two features, however, the Organelle S includes the same processor as the Organelle M. Despite its smaller size, it also comes with distinctive maple-wood keys of its predecessors. In a way, it’s a more powerful version of the original Organelle that comes with a faster processor, more RAM, MIDI connectivity and a microphone for recording.

You can buy the Organelle S starting today from Critter and Guitari’s website.