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DALL-E's AI art generator is now (sort of) available to everyone

There's no more waiting list to try OpenAI's creative tool.


You no longer need to join a queue to try OpenAI's well-known image generator. The company has dropped the waiting list for the DALL-E beta, making the technology available to everyone. If you want to create art, you just have to sign up (if you can get past the authentication glitch that exists as we write this) and start describing the pieces you'd like to produce.

The wider release comes after OpenAI both expanded DALL-E's features (such as "Outpainting" to expand beyond original image borders) and, importantly, some crucial safeguards. The firm claims it has "more robust" abilities to filter out policy-violating content, including some depictions of sexuality and violence. A developer framework currently in testing should also bring the AI picture maker to third-party apps.

This public debut comes without answers to some key questions. It's not clear if AI-generated art is fair use or stolen, for instance — Getty Images and similar services have banned the material out of concern it might violate copyright. While this expansion will be welcome, it might test some legal limits.