DC Universe Infinite is finally available outside of the US

The service is now available in Canada, with more countries getting access later this spring and summer.

DC Comics

After being converted from a streaming video service into a portal for comic books last year, DC Universe Infinite is finally rolling out to regions outside of the US this spring and summer.

Today, DC Comics announced that the service is now available in Canada, with support for Australia and New Zealand arriving later this week on March 29th. After that, the UK will get access on April 28th, followed by availability in Brazil and Mexico sometime later this summer.

DC Comics says subscribers in other countries will have the same access to the service's library of more than 25,000 comics books as those in the US, including early access to new Digital First comics such as Suicide Squad: King Shark and others. And just like in the US, new editions of printed comics will be added to the service six months after first going on sale in retail stores.

Meanwhile, to sweeten the deal, DC Comics is introducing discounted pricing for anyone who signs up during the first 30 days of DC Universe Inifinite's launch in their country, with customers able to keep that
reduced pricing for as long as they maintain a paid subscription. So while prices vary a bit by region, you'll generally be looking at savings of around 30 to 35 percent if you take advantage of DC's introductory pricing.

At launch, an annual subscription to DC Universe Infinite will cost just $59.99 CAD, $64.99 AUD, $64.99 NZD or £36.99 BPS for the next 30 days, before jumping up to its regular price of $89.99 CAD, $99.99 AUD & $99.99 NZD or £54.99 per year. Alternatively, if you prefer to pay month by month, you can do that too with prices starting at $9.99 CAD, $9.99 AUD, $9.99 NZD or £6.99 BPS.