Norman Reedus says a 'Death Stranding' sequel is in the works

Don't expect the game to arrive any time soon.

Kojima Productions

If you suspected a Death Stranding sequel was in the works, you were probably spot-on. Lead actor Norman Reedus told Leo in an interview that work had "just started" on a second game. He didn't share any more details. However, it's safe to presume any follow-up is a long way off. Reedus noted that it took "two or three years" to complete motion capture for the first game, and we wouldn't expect it to be much speedier this time given Hideo Kojima's fondness for lengthy cutscenes.

We've asked Kojima Productions for comment. It's easy to see why the studio would greenlight a second Death Stranding game, though. The first sold five million copies between its November 2019 launch and July 2021, and that was before the Director's Cut releases. A sequel would help the company build on that success, not to mention bolster Kojima's post-Konami reputation.