PS5 smash-em-up 'Destruction AllStars' will include a battle royale mode

That's on top of more conventional modes.

Lucid Games/PlayStation Studios

Lucid Games and Sony were curiously shy about Destruction AllStars’ game modes despite its role as a PlayStation 5 showcase, but they’re finally ready to offer more details. The two have outlined the competitive car smasher’s game modes, and they’re a tad different than what you often see in vehicular titles. There’s a familiar deathmatch mode (Mayhem) with free-for-all and team options, but the highlights are the less straightforward options.

Carnado asks you to sacrifice your vehicle in a storm to cash in on the points you’ve earned by wrecking your opponents. Stockpile is a capture-and-control alternative where you claim banks to deposit points for your team. And no, Lucid couldn’t resist including a battle royale-like mode — Gridfall has 16 players trying to be the last one standing (or rather, driving) in a gradually shrinking arena.

Multiplayer is clearly the focus, but you can also play a challenge series against the AI and train by yourself. Lucid said it would be “closely monitoring” feedback and planned expansions through new seasons and updates.

Destruction AllStars hasn’t budged from its recently established February 2021 release date. It’ll miss out on holiday rush as a result, but Lucid and Sony are betting on its availability as a PlayStation Plus ‘freebie’ to spark interest. These game modes might keep you playing after that initial download, even if they’ll sometimes feel well-worn.